Luxury vinyl flooring will transform your home! Vinyl flooring can be made to look like hardwood, stone, marble or any other natural material, but it is much more cost-effective. It is also easily installed, making it the preferred choice for DIY decorators and professionals alike.

Do you have young children, pets or frequently entertain guests in your home? Vinyl flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas as it is resilient and durable. It is highly resistant to dents, scratches, and other damages, and will maintain its strength and appearance longer than most flooring types.

Are you tired of vacuuming or mopping for hours to clean your floors? Vinyl flooring is low-maintenance, needing only a quick wipe with a damp mop or cloth and it returns to its polished clean state. It is water-resistant, meaning it won’t warp or creak like wooden floors. Because of its PVC makeup, it expands and compresses slightly, making it softer than other floors and gentler on the feet. It also provides slight noise dampening, making it suitable for upstairs rooms as well.

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